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Well known as a glamour photographer, Ian has published his work, influenced by world renowned photographer and friend David Lachepelle, throughout Australia,China, the USA and London. Ian's photography Art has appeared in several publications, calendars and greeting cards around the world. His exploration of the human form is technically balanced and composed to create an image thats simply unique to todays photography art. Most recently in 2013, Ian has worked with some of Australia's famous faces and TV celebrities such as Singer Danni Minogue and the Xfactor judges, well known International DJ Havana Brown and USA Super star Katy Perry to name a few.

By Ian Horncastle

By Ian Horncastle
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"Welcome Fire Tour ". Performer Wendy Matthews


Wendy Matthews has a reputation as an artist par excellence with a sublime, expressive voice that never fails to move those who hear it.

Currently on Tour in NSW, then QLDS, I was asked to play the part in creating some nice live shots of her current album and tour "The Welcome Fire" bags packed I left for a number of locations sparing over 300kms.
>Coffs Harbour >South West Rocks >Tamworth >Armidale A great experience to work with such an incredible and inspirational entertainer.

Below is some shots taken on tour of Wendy & the band! 

An Art impression of Artist Wendy Matthews By Ian Horncastle

Wendy singing Amelia

Live Performance @ Armidale

Singing The Day you went away


                                           Show and crowd @ Armidale Services club

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