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Well known as a glamour photographer, Ian has published his work, influenced by world renowned photographer and friend David Lachepelle, throughout Australia,China, the USA and London. Ian's photography Art has appeared in several publications, calendars and greeting cards around the world. His exploration of the human form is technically balanced and composed to create an image thats simply unique to todays photography art. Most recently in 2013, Ian has worked with some of Australia's famous faces and TV celebrities such as Singer Danni Minogue and the Xfactor judges, well known International DJ Havana Brown and USA Super star Katy Perry to name a few.

By Ian Horncastle

By Ian Horncastle
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Sunday, 25 May 2014

North Coast Experience

Coffs Harbour A spot I often spend the winter months, to escape the cold and doing some well deserve rest along with creating some visual projects for the year ahead.

By accident I come across  Joshua, a young polite fella who was training to get into the Army.
  We decided to do some adventure trekking up into Dorrigo National Park along with visiting
  Dangar Falls a must to visit with a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine :)

       Check out what we manage to photograph and come up with, pretty impressive from someone who has never modelled before

Well I headed back to the great shores of Byron bay on the Mid nrth coast of Australia, then to Surfers Paradise  -  First Model photographed 25yo Alec from London, travelling Australia

Byron Bay is a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located 772 kilometres north of Sydney and 165 kilometres south of Brisbane

To find a young british fella who was a charmer with the girls and such a nice guy to be around, pleasant, polite and a good looker with is amazing tattoo art.

We captured some nice work on the day in both bush lands and on the beach. 

check out the collection of Model Alec and the wonderful scenery of Byron Bay


From  Byron and having a great day photographing Alec I then head further nrth to QLDS Surfers Paradise, otherwise know as Gold coast!

The Gold Coast is a coastal city in southeastern Queensland on the east coast of Australia. The city is 94 kilometres south of the state capital Brisbane

Model Josh a Queensland born young and very fit gentleman who has a personality thats just very warming.. We worked well on the day and he really showed that he loves what he is doing in model work - A professional gymnast he showed how flexible he was in the water.  Presents well take a look below

A favorite location of my to photograph (The Spit - Nrth End by Sea World)

For more models and photography by me check out 

Until next time be safe and enjoy life as it's no rehearsal

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