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Well known as a glamour photographer, Ian has published his work, influenced by world renowned photographer and friend David Lachepelle, throughout Australia,China, the USA and London. Ian's photography Art has appeared in several publications, calendars and greeting cards around the world. His exploration of the human form is technically balanced and composed to create an image thats simply unique to todays photography art. Most recently in 2013, Ian has worked with some of Australia's famous faces and TV celebrities such as Singer Danni Minogue and the Xfactor judges, well known International DJ Havana Brown and USA Super star Katy Perry to name a few.

By Ian Horncastle

By Ian Horncastle
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

West side project!

March - April - May 2012
WOW what a start to the year, however we are middle year now OOPS I missed a few months sorry people!
Its been a very busy year so far! March had me visiting western Australia photographing my new 2012 charity project called "Westside boys" a successful weekend capturing some great artistic work from more then 12 male models all offered by CSA Models WA

WA Charity Lifeline Music used is copyright freeProduced by Turning Heads Media free of charge to support the important work of Life line & Ian Horncastle

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May 2012 has brought a new light and career for Ian with finally opening the doors to a Talent Agency!  Check out my fantastic talent across Australia and Stay tunes we will be also bringing some of our talent to a production show later this year!  Its busy time for Ian

 Ian Horncastle a Photographer for over a decade,  show casting his Art through out Australia and in more then Four countries around the world.
Ian is also known for his charity events & stage shows around Sydney all to raise funds for charities around Australia.
Ian's experience behind the lens and the understanding of what clients require when requesting Talent is why  In 2009 decided to use his then fine collection of models & talent in a on-line  show case  of Unique Talent of Australia.
In  2012 U Need Talent Management is formed and opens the doors to an exciting new talent agency concept. with a collection of fine Talent through his Boutique Model Agency.
​​​​@ UNT we have a fine collection of talent Specialising  in Promotions, TV , Fitness / Sports editorial, Dancer's and  Live stage performers
    If you don't find what you require @ UNT, allow our team to find the talent for you!

Until next time stay safe support your friends and family & of course think ART

Until next time - be safe :)
Ian Horncastle

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